Executive Summary Clark College Diversity Plan

The success of Clark College students is central to the mission of the college and this plan. Clark College must prepare students for life and work in a multicultural, diverse and international society. Exposure to a variety of beliefs, cultures, and differences is a catalyst for intellectual growth. It is the responsibility of Clark College to provide a respectful, effective learning environment for all of its students.

Clark College Social Equity Plan (full version)


Clark College recognizes, understands, confronts and challenges the institutional systems of privilege, power and inequality so that all members of the Clark College community can support student success.


Diversity at Clark College is defined as the participation of a rich variety of social groups in the college community with particular emphasis on including historically disadvantaged groups in the college. A diverse college community enhances learning through individuals working collaboratively with people from other social groups and backgrounds. Social groups that perpetuate personal or institutional systems of privilege, power and inequality are inconsistent with the intent of this plan.


The goals are intentionally broad and provide the opportunity for individual units and departments to develop and implement annual planning objectives that will integrate these goals throughout the institution. Suggested strategies (activities) are included in the text of the plan.

Student Recruitment and Retention:
Clark College will intentionally recruit and retain students from historically disadvantaged groups.

Diversity Education and Training:
Clark College will provide comprehensive and continuing training and educational resources to help college employees work effectively in a diverse college community.

Curricular Transformation:
Clark College will facilitate a collaborative process of discovery regarding the dynamics and implications of power, privilege and inequality in course offerings and in the learning environment.

Employee Recruitment and Retention:
Clark College will recruit, hire, and retain a more diverse workforce with emphasis on underrepresented and historically disadvantaged groups.