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Friday, October 04, 2013
Advising Center
Students must submit a graduation application to the Credential Evaluations Department in order to be awarded a degree or certificate upon the fulfillment of the completion requirements. Students are encouraged to submit the graduation application one quarter before they plan to complete all of their requirements. If students do not complete their degree or certificate requirements in the quarter of application, they must reapply.

The priority processing deadline for graduation applications is the tenth (10th) day of the quarter in which the stu-dent plans to finish degree or certificate requirements. Graduation applications submitted by the priority deadline will be processed first and assured the awarding of the degree or certificate for the requested quarter.

Graduation applications received after the priority deadline and through the eighth (8th) week of the quarter will be accepted; however, applications received during this non-priority period will be processed after all priority graduation applications have been reviewed and processed. Applications received during this period are not guaran-teed to be processed in time to award the degree or certificate in that quarter.

Graduation applications received after the eighth (8th) week of the quarter will not be processed for that quarter and will be moved to the subsequent quarter for review. The awarding of degree or certificate will be posted to the student's transcript in the subsequent quarter.

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