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U.S. National Archives - no known copyright restrictions

U.S. National Archives – no known copyright restrictions

The Clark College Libraries will be closed in celebration of the President’s Day holiday. The Cannell Library will close as usual at 5pm on Saturday, February 15th and reopen on Tuesday the usual hour of 7am.

Our outside return boxes are always open to return books, movies, etc. Don’t get a late fine!

Need to request or renew a book? You can always do so online by logging in to your library account at https://oswald.clark.edu/patroninfo.

Need expert research assistance to finish that paper? You can always contact a librarian online (at this address: http://library.clark.edu/?q=content/ask-librarian) and you can get instant assistance via chat.

World's Strongest Librarian

Photo/Image Source: Penguin.com (usa)

Clark College is currently selecting a book for everyone to read together from Fall 2014-2016. Like other “big read” or “community read” projects, there will be a variety of activities related to the book that is chosen. Plus, when meeting someone, you’ll always have something in common to talk about!

Since the college is in the selection process now, they have made books available in the library for 3-day check out. It’s limited, so you have to read fast! And since it’s a short time, there should be at least one book available so please drop by and check them out.

These are the six books you can read:

After you’ve read the books, submit your feedback to the Common Read Selections Survey: http://webapps.clark.edu/snapwebhost/s.asp?k=138980171764. The survey will close at 5:00pm on Friday, April 18, 2014.

Find out if the book you want is available at CTC or Cannell: http://oswald.clark.edu/search/r?SEARCH=first+year+experience.

These are all supposed to be excellent books. One is even about a librarian! Come on in, check them out, and help choose the one that Clark will be talking about.

Photo of a Winding Road from Flickr user Geee Kay

“A Long and Winding Road” by Geee Kay is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

If you use the student wireless network called Clark_Student, you will notice that starting today, you are required to provide a password. A password is required once every academic year on each of your wireless devices (smart phone, laptop, tablet).

The password for this academic year is: windingroad

For more information, read this notice and FAQs page from the Computing Resources for Clark College:
February 3, 2014: Important change to Clark College Student Wireless Network!

Seymore the Happy Pothos

Seymore at the Check Out Desk

Photo/Image Source: Clark College Libraries

We are often asked about the amazing plant that lives behind the Check Out Desk. Did you know that it has a name? Meet Seymore!

Seymore is a 10+ years old pothos plant. Pothos, scientifically known as Epipremnum aureum, are popular indoor plants in the Pacific Northwest because they are easy to care for and they remove pollutants from the air.

We water Seymore twice a week with a little bit of plant fertilizer to keep him happy. Usually twice a year, Seymore goes on a crazy growth spurt and has to be taken down for untangling. Also at least twice a year, entire sections of Seymore die off and have to be removed to keep him looking performance-ready.


Photo/Image Source: Clark College Libraries

These days, Seymore is not alone. He had to be repotted last year, and in the process of fitting him into the new pot(s), he split up into several pieces. These baby Seymores are thriving and contributing to the green environment at the library.

Pothos are popular plants and are often available from your nearest garden supply store. Adopt a pothos today!

Phone Chargers Available!

phone chargers

Photo/Image Source: Clark College Libraries

Have you ever gotten to college and suddenly realized your battery is about to die? The Cannell Library gets tons of requests for iPhone and other types of phone chargers. Now for the first time ever we have them available for check out!

The chargers check out for 3 hours, library use only. Please hand them to a person at the Check Out Desk when you return them.

Each bag contains 2 cables: 1 USB to Apple “Lighting” charger/data cable; 1 USB to multi-phone charger only for original Apple charger, micro USB, mini USB, Nokia (2 types), LG, PSP, Sony Ericsson, Samsung (2 types). These cords plug into a computer. You can’t transfer data via the multi-phone cord, only power.


Photo/Image Source: Clark College Libraries

See if they’re available in our catalog by searching for “phone charger”.

This is a pilot program to see how long the chargers last and whether they are popular. If it is successful, it may be expanded to our branch library at CTC.

Come on in and try them out!

Find time to READ

As a college student it can be challenging at times to balance school, work and home. Here are seven tips for effective reading as a college student:

  • College Reading Tip #1 – Start Reading Early
  • College Reading Tip #2 – Skim
  • College Reading Tip #3 – Understand Vocabulary
  • College Reading Tip #4 – Take Notes
  • College Reading Tip #5 – Know When to Stop
  • College Reading Tip #6 – Have a Discussion Buddy
  • College Reading Tip #7 – Read for Pleasure
    Source: Moneyworth, Steven. Seven Tips for Effective Reading as a College Student. Yahoo Voices, 21 July 2009. Web. 13 Jan. 2014
CTCREADposters_2014_ 01

Photo/Image Source: Clark College Libraries


Photo/Image Source: Clark College Libraries


In April 2013 Clark Libraries promoted reading by featuring one student and 11 faculty and staff members in READ posters. Cannell Library and the iCommons at Columbia Tech Center are focusing on reading again. Stop by either location to view the READ posters, check out a book, get help from a librarian and get acquainted with Clark Libraries.


Photo/Image Source: Clark College Libraries


Photo/Image Source: Clark College Libraries

Finals Week Hours

Cannell Library

Monday, December 9 – Wednesday, December 11

7:00 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Thursday, December 12

7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Friday, December 13


Information Commons at CTC

Monday, December 9 – Thursday, December 12

7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Friday, December 13


Quarter Break Hours

Cannell Library and the Information Commons at CTC are closed beginning Friday, December 13. Please return borrowed items to designated outdoor return boxes during closure. Staff will be checking in returned items over the break.

We open again on Monday, January 6 at 7:00 a.m.

Have a wonderful quarter break!

ProQuest is one of Clark College Libraries’ largest and most widely used article databases.

If you plan on doing any research while at college, you should know about ProQuest.

You can find ProQuest by starting at the library homepage (library.clark.edu), locating the “find” menu, and selecting “articles and databases.” ProQuest is listed alphabetically (we are a library, after all) in the list of databases, and is also one of the “Popular Databases” listed at the top-right of the page.

For more information about ProQuest, including how to access ProQuest on and off campus and tips for how to search, visit our ProQuest Databases Search Tips page.

Here is a basic search video from ProQuest’s YouTube Channel to get you started:

Design: Camila Spencer; Photo/Image Source: Clark College Libraries

Design: Camila Spencer; Photo/Image Source: Clark College Libraries

BTEC 155 student Camila Spencer’s poster was selected as the new design for the Quiet Zone poster on the second floor of Cannell Library.

Camila’s design was chosen from nearly 30 submissions.  Her design will be printed at 22″x34″ size and placed in vertical sign holders in the two main sections of the Quiet Zone. They will begin their display in Winter Quarter 2014.

Seven finalists were selected for properly complying with copyright guidelines and for creating a friendlier, more inviting sign than the yellow and black theme currently used in the Quiet Zone. Library staff voted on the final design. Many staff members were amazed by the quality of the finalists and were unable to select only one poster. They were even more impressed to learn that many of the students had taken their own photos and made their own illustrations to accompany the poster designs.

“I cannot use the Google Form to vote because I love all of the examples,” stated Technical Services librarian Radka Ballada during the secret voting process. “My suggestion would be to use all  of them.”

This project was a professional collaboration set up by instructor Helen Martin of BTEC 155 and library staff. In a previous quarter, Professor Martin’s class designed fliers for the International Office. Although the students were creating the posters for extra credit, the quality well exceeded the library’s expectations.

Congratulations to Camila Spencer for your wonderful design and to all of the amazing finalists!

Quiet Zone Poster Design:

Camila Spencer


Mariya Kochlavashvili (2 posters)
Cassandra Knutson (2 posters)
Andrew Olin
Sandra Pearson
Camila Spencer

Photo/Image Source: Clark College Libraries

Finalists; Photo/Image Source: Clark College Libraries

Photo/Image Source: Clark College Libraries

Finalists; Photo/Image Source: Clark College Libraries

Nick Dahl’s Communications Studies 230, Small Group Communication groups have been preparing for their final project. This group has worked with Camas High School on a service learning project. The name of their group is Service Participation Nation, symbolized with the triangle.

Their goal is to excel academically and to improve communication skills through effective service learning activities. Their mission is to be an outreach to the community, as well as improving their own communication techniques.

CTC iCommons

CTC Communication Studies 230 Students

Students at CTC can use one of two study rooms in the iCommons in CTC 219. Study rooms are available to reserve for two hours and are perfect for groups or individuals.

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