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Hot News

Clip 'n' Save These New Summer Hours

Library Hours Summer 2002
June 24 - August 15 (Closed July 4)
Monday 9 am - 5 pm
Tuesday9 am - 7:30 pm
Wednesday9 am - 5 pm
Thursday9 am - 5 pm
Closed Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

During the time Cannell Library is closed, staff and faculty have access by calling ahead to x2152 (Amy Waite), x2329 (Susan Bays), or x2255 (Susan Harding). If you are unable to call ahead just come to the back door of the library and ring the buzzer for admittance.

You Told Us and We Listened!

snapshot of Cannell Library Home Page

The Library faculty want to give a "Heads Up" to faculty who refer to specific locations on the Cannell Library Web page -- we've made a few changes.

Earlier this year Library faculty organized a series of Useability Studies to test the Cannell Library Web page. With the valuable input we received from a group of staff, faculty and students, the library faculty have been making suggested improvements to the web pages. In order to have the least impact on students, the updated pages will be loaded at the end of spring quarter.

Please note that this is not a major upgrade or overhaul of the web site -- for student convenience the basic look and organization of the pages will remain the same for now.

Summer Quarter Reserves

Even though the Library will be closed June 15 through June 23, staff are still available to process your reserve requests. Reserve items submitted before June 20 will be ready for student use when classes begin on the 24th. Items submitted after June 20 may not be available to students until three business days after submission. Avoid the rush and get items in early! Krista Reichard (x2553) can answer your questions about reserves, but here are some useful information links:
image of row of books

The Library By the Numbers!

Tax time may be over, but now's the time to start gathering those all-important statistics for inclusion in annual reports. This year, we thought we'd let you know what really counts in the library!

1 (one) library employee earned admittance to the new distance education graduate program at the University of Washington's prestigious Information School! Congratulations, Krista Reichard! Only 35 students from a pool of more than 300 were admitted to begin studies this fall.

doobie snow nose3 (three) library faculty taught 274 library instruction sessions this year (reaching 4,932 students or so), but which librarian had a close encounter with the Queen? Was it Joan Carey? Roxanne Dimyan? Kitty Mackey? You'll have to visit the library's current display to find out who it is, but here's a hint: she's mum to a Fell Pony!

magazines3.4 is a pretty impressive grade point average! But that's the current standing for Cheryl Mancini, who works part time in both Technical Services and Circulation and is a full-time student pursuing a degree in Biology with a goal set on a career in wildlife conservation and rehabilitation. Cheryl maintains records for no fewer than 680 periodicals each month.

4 (four) name changes might make it a challenge to keep track of Susan Harding (formerly Susan Long, formerly Susan Pruitt, formerly Susan Tuggle) but Susan doesn't have trouble keeping track of cataloging, changing, deleting or recording about 11,000 items and/or records per year!

7 out of 8 members of Sally Demos's immediate family have worked at, attended, volunteered, or graduated from Clark College! Remembering who's where is easy for Sally, whose memory gets a workout by managing the approximately 2,202 items she's ordered for the library since January 2001.

running shoes 8.3 miles of walking a day to deliver equipment on campus helps Jennifer Wheeler train for the Discovery Walk 26.2 mile marathon. We estimate Jennifer walks 1,727 miles and delivers hundreds of pieces of equipment from September to June! Next time you're in the library, bring Jennifer a can of foot powder and say thanks to her and the rest of media -- Rick Bartz, Scott Root, and Scott Coffie -- for all the teleconferences, videoconferences, video productions, distance education support, and equipment installations that they perform.

29 students working 6,200 hours in the Circulation Department represent 29 reasons why Cannell Library runs so efficiently. Of special mention are the following four students who received Work Study/Student Employee Awards this year:

Aaron Olson Yelena Chepelyuk Irina Svirdan Tatyana Shavrikova

30 books and 360 newspaper issues -- that's the reading tally for Library Director Leonoor Ingraham-Swets since January 2002. (The staff agrees to grant Leonoor the Murine award for readership!)

48 reference transactions in four hours is why we call 9:00-1:00 the "peak hours." Part-time Reference Librarian Betty Stout provides the excellent service that students receive during those peak hours on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

318 reservations for the study room, the Cannell Room and the Sun Room kept Administrative Assistant Susan Bays on her toes this year making sure students have a place for group study.

$3.33 -- that's the average cost of a reference question, according to part-time reference librarian Linda Frederiksen, who located this bit of trivia at the Los Angeles Public Library. Just for fun, check out What's a Dollar Worth? to calculate the price of a reference question in the year 1913. (OK -- it was 18 cents!)

1500 book reviews -- that reading is what kept Technical Services Librarian Pam Smith on the cutting edge of publications this year!

35,000 items have been checked out from the library since July 2001, according to Circulation Supervisor Amy Waite. Amy and colleagues Krista Reichard, Thao Ly, Cheryl Mancini, Marlena Close, Nancy Drovdahl, Yelena Chepelyuk and student assistants deserve high honors for keeping their department running so smoothly!

Really, Really, Really Light Summer Reading

cover of RapunzelNext time you visit the library, browse through the new collection of children's books on the shelves next to the new books. These children's books are the the result of the Renaissance Kids club, whose mission includes "to create a long lasting structure, which will continue to provide excellent readings for the children of Clark College students and children throughout the community." Books in the Renaissance Kids collection are available for check-out. Following are some of the titles you'll find on the shelves:
cover of Good Dog, Carl
cover of Jumanji
  • Rapunzel, retold and illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky. (Caldecott Medal Book)
  • Squids will be Squids: Fresh Morals, Beastly Fables, by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith.
  • Sector 7, by David Wiesner (Caldecott Honor Book).
  • Good Dog, Carl, by Alexandra Day.
  • A Gift From the Sea, by Kate Banks, pictures by George Hallensleben.
  • The Polar Express, by Chris Van Allsburg (Caldecott Medal Book)
  • Jumanji, by Chris Van Allsburg (Caldecott Medal Book)
  • Joseph Had a Little Overcoat, by Simms Taback (Caldecott Medal Book).

cover of Joseph Had a Little Overcoat

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