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Number 2       February 7, 2001

Please Welcome Cannell Library's New Arrival!

Thanks to generous Foundation funding, Cannell Library now has a state-of-the art microform reader/printer. The new Minolta MicroSP 2000 Digital Reader-Printer works with both microfiche and microfilm, providing clear, easy-to-use access to back issues of periodicals and newspapers. The Minolta's self-loading microfilm feature is already a hit with students, and the bill changer is an added convenience.

Web Sites Worth a Look

In honor of African-American History Month, take a look at The Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project at Stanford University. This site includes a searchable, full-text archive of Dr. King's papers, speeches and sermons, as well as autobiographical and biographical information, a chronology, and full-text articles.

African-American Issues, is a fact-packed site from the online version of The Black Collegian, the Career Site for Students of Color. Take the African-American History 101 quiz and see how you do!

Do you know about the Internet Scout Report? It's a compilation of more than 10,000 online resources deemed valuable to the education community by the librarians and educators who evaluate the sites. Includes a fully searchable archive. Worth bookmarking!

Focus On...Adding New Books to the Collection

One of the best ways for a college library to build a collection that supports the campus community is for librarians and faculty to collaborate on purchasing decisions. Toward this end, each of the librarians at Cannell Library is responsible for a specific academic area. This "liaison" system allows the librarians to focus on specific areas of the curriculum, which in turn helps the library acquire materials that meet the needs of students.

So, whether you have a specific title to add to the collection, or just a vague notion that a specific area needs improvement, your liaison will be happy to help! Here's who's who:

Betty Stout
Business Technology
Life Sciences
Pam Smith
Computer Technology
Physical Sciences
Joan Carey
(on sabbatical 2000-2001
Kitty Mackey substituting)
Culinary Arts and Mechanical Technology
Health and Physical Education
Behavorial Sciences
Roxanne Dimyan
Electronics and Industrial Technology
Fine Arts
Social Sciences
Amy Waite
Basic Education
Services for Children and Families
Leonoor Ingraham-Swets
Dental Hygiene
Health Occupations
Language Arts
Linda Frederiksen
French Language and Literature

… And How Do All Those New Books Get on the Shelves?

As you might guess, there are a lot of behind-the-scenes efforts required to keep the library's collection healthy and growing. Most of this work is done in the library's Technical Services Department, which is managed by Pam Smith (x2443). From the time a book is ordered until it is ready for the shelf takes about eight weeks (on average). Here's a behind-the-scenes peek at what happens during that time.

Upon receiving a book order request from a faculty member or a liaison, Sally Demos, Acquisitions, (x2257) verifies the title with one of our vendors or databases, such as Books in Print. She downloads the bibliographic record (the information that you see in the online catalog) from OCLC, the library's bibliographic "utility company." Now, if you look up the title in WebPAC, the record will show that the title is "on order." When the books arrive, Sally and her student assistant stamp the books with the library's ownership marks and process them for the library's 3-M security system. Sally also approves the invoice for payment.

At this point Susan Long, Cataloging, (x 2255) steps in to do her part. She verifies that the catalog record is correct, downloads the correct record if necessary, and updates the catalog record to make the book available for checkout. Susan also creates and applies the all-important call-number labels to the books before sending them out to the new book shelf. Susan's job doesn’t end there. Sometimes books get mangled in car doors, dropped in bathtub water and chewed up by puppies. Other times the pages fall out, the spines get broken, or everyday wear and tear take its toll. Susan deals with all these situations by overseeing the maintenance of the collection. The library is fortunate to have a valuable volunteer, Dr. Cope, who assists Susan with repairing damaged books.

What about the periodicals you love to read? Jill Caughman, Serials (x2559), tends to that collection by making sure each issue is received, processed and added to the collection.

There's more, of course, much more. But thanks to a dedicated staff, the process for getting your book requests onto the library's shelves is organized and efficient.

Next Issue: Special Edition! Books for Faculty Excellence!

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