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Issue #16 October 21, 2004

Hot News

Try Out the New Databases!

With the support of the Clark Foundation, Cannell Library was able to add the following Health databases for the coming year:image of nurse

For students and faculty of History, the library added the following two databases: history resource center icon

As with all the library's databases, these databases are accessible from off campus. When prompted for a user name and "unique id" enter your name (first name last name) and your faculty/staff/student ID (the number that starts with 940).

Election 2004: A Resource List

The following voter-education sites are non-partisan and non-profit:


Do you have a favorite non-profit, non-partisan voter education site? Send Kitty Mackey an email and we'll consider it for the list.

It's Soup and Seminar Time!

Beyond the Scavenger Hunt: Library Activities for All Occasions

Bowl of SoupThe Clark College Assessment Committee and the Library Faculty invite you to this year's first Soup and Seminar. Join the librarians as they serve up plenty of ideas for research assignments, exercises and activities. You’ll also be invited to work hands-on during a virtual tour of Cannell Library’s newest online resources.

This idea-packed session is coming up on Tuesday, October 26, 2004 in Room 103 of Cannell Library. Lunch (compliments of the Assessment Committee) is from 12:00 - 12:15; the Seminar Presentation is from 12:15 - 1:00. Please RSVP to Rita Carey by 5:00pm Friday, October 22.

They Make the Library a Better Place!

The staff in Circulation and Technical Services have been especially busy the past year ironing out all the intricacies of the library's new online system. The following staff have received upgrades to reflect their new responsibilities, and also to acknowledge the increased workload that has resulted from ever-expanding demand for library services. (Library use is still on the rise! During the week of October 4th, 11,907 people entered Cannell Library -- more than a 12% increase over Fall 2003 (10,580)!) Please join us in thanking the following staff for their dedication to student success.

Sally Demos (standing) and Susie Harding were each upgraded to Library Specialist I. Sally and Susan order and process the library's books (that's the simple description!) so timely and efficiently.

Krista Reichard (left) and Thao Schmidt
were each upgraded to Library Technician III.
They are responsible for the efficiency of
reserves, video bookings and interlibrary loan.

Gisele Propper
Gisele Propper joined the Circulation team as a Library Technician I. Gisele has been a student assistant in circulation since 1999, so she brings a lot of experience to her new position.

Rick Bartz was reallocated to Media Technician Senior. Rick is the go-to guy for lots of classroom media support, from setting up projectors and PCs to figuring out why the sound won't work.

Rick Bartz

Welcome, Susan Salisbury and Maureen Morasch

(Left) Cannell Library welcomes Susan Salisbury, who accepted the position of Administrative Assistant after the retirement of Susan Harvey. Susan Salisbury is responsible for room reservations and administrative matters related to the library.

(Right) Some of you may recognize Maureen Morasch, Reference Librarian, who has filled in part-time the past couple of years. Maureen joined the reference team full-time this year to help meet the
increased need for reference assistance
and classroom instruction.

[all photos by Roxanne Dimyan]

Send Us Your Webs, Your Sites

Do you have a web site for your classes? If so, send Maureen Morasch the URL and we'll add a link to the Clark Faculty Web Sites page on the library's web site. This popular resource was set up to provide both students and other faculty with quick access to those great sites.

Who writes the Cannell Chimes? We all do! Everyone in the library contributes ideas and proofreads the drafts until we're all satisfied with the content. We hope you enjoy it, too!

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