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Issue #12 September 26, 2003

The New Online Catalog is Here!

If you haven't tried out the library's new online catalog, you're in for a treat! The new system, funded in part by a Foundation grant, features an improved interface for locating books, reserves, media and other library resources. Give it a try! Circulation and Technical Services Staff toiled throughout the summer getting the catalog ready for the start of the school year. Look for more improvements throughout the coming year.

Updated Library Web Site

In response to input from students, faculty and staff Clark Librarians have reorganized the growing amounts of information available via the library's web site. Don't fret about your bookmarks -- for the 2003-2004 year our former web pages will have links redirecting users to the current pages. Improvements made include:
  • The Home Page includes a catalog search form and a Quick Links menu.
  • A How Do I... page that includes frequently requested instructional resources
  • A reorganized Search the Web page.
More requested improvements are planned, including direct links to the library's online databases and a complete site map (in progress and I write!)..

Do You Have A Course Web Site?

Send us the link to your course website and we'll add it to the library's Clark Faculty Web Links page. (Home page --> Quick Links --> Clark Faculty Web Pages) This page has become a popular resource and we'd like to see it grow. (Some of those URLs can get long and frustrating! Hmmmm... was that jones_m or m_jones...?)

A Funny Thing Happened While We Were Working on the Web Site...

We found a great resource that faculty might enjoy: The ACRL Internet Resources List (Home Page --> Search The Web --> Web Sites by Subject). Gleamed from the pages of College and Research Libraries News, these lists provide evaluated and annotated links to web sites on a variety of topics, from African American Culture to World Religions. Check it out!

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