Section A: Enrollment, Aid and College Life

Career Services

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Career Services provides the resources and strategies for choosing a college major; developing career plans; finding jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities; and making successful career transitions. Resources include a computer lab, an extensive library of books and videos, and one-on-one appointments with career and employment specialists. Services are free and open to students, former students, and the general public.

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Cooperative Education/Internship Work Experiences


Clark College recognizes the value to students of actual experience in a work environment and has developed a nationally recognized program which allows credits to be earned for that experience under controlled conditions.

The purpose of Cooperative Education Work Experience (co-op) is to provide on-the-job experience that complements students’ academic career goals and that furnishes an opportunity for career exploration. Co-op involves the faculty, student, and employer in determining learning objectives and evaluating the student’s progress in achieving those objectives. Students may use internship experiences to test their interest in a field or their fit in the work environment of a particular industry.

Cooperative Work Experience

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Clark College recognizes the value to students of actual experience in a work environment. Credits earned through this program may meet general elective requirements and/or core program requirements. Cooperative Education Work Experience is an applicable credit option and is subject to the guidelines listed under the Other Applicable Credit Options section in this catalog.