Clark College Administration

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Eliot Altschul (2015)
Director of Counseling and Health
B.A. Boston University
M.A., Ph.D. California School of Professional Psychology
Rachele Bakic (2012)
Associate Dean of Instructional Operations
B.A. The College of Saint Rose
M.A. Hawaii Pacific University
Michelle M. Bagley (2008)
Dean of Clark Libraries and Academic Success Services
B.A. Minot State University
M.L.S. Emporia State University
Andrew T. Barsotti (2014)
Director of Data Services
B.S. University of Wisconsin
M.S. Washington State University, Pullman
Randall G. Blakely (2009) 
Satellite Campus Building Administrator
B.A., M.P.A. Portland State University
B.S., Ed.D. Oregon State University
Edie N. Blakley (2008)
Director of Career Services
A.A.S. Linn Benton Community College
B.S., Ed.M. Oregon State University
Brittany Brist (2014)
Educational Planner - Professional/Technical
B.S., M.S. Portland State University
Barbara "Dani" Bundy (2014)
Student Affairs ctcLink Operations Manager
B.A. Washington State University
Armetta Burney (2012)
Director of Workforce Education Services
B.S. Southern University
M.B.A. Cardinal Stritch University
Linda S. Calvert (1979)
Associate Director of Running Start
B.A. Washington State University
Christy Campbell (2014)
Assistant Director of Business Services
B.S. Washington State University
Janette Clay (2014)
Transitional Studies Learning Communities Manager
B.A. Lewis and Clark College
Tina Cruz (2015)
Corporate Education Client Support Specialist
Narek Daniyelyan (2014)
Educational Partnerships Manager
B.A. Washington State University
David B. Daugherty (2000)
Director of IT Services
Technology Services
A.A. Lane Community College
B.S., M.S. University of Oregon
Karin Duncker (2014)
Columbia Gorge Educational Program Manager
B.A. Hofstra University
Kelsey DuPere (2013)
Director of Advising Services
B.A. Portland State University
M.S. Portland State University
Dolly England (2015)
Diversity Outreach Program Manager
B.A. The Evergreen State College
Wende Fisher (2015)
Educational Planner - Professional/Technical
A.A.S. Clark College
B.A. Washington State University
M.S. Oregon State University
Kira Freed (2014)
Educational Planner - Health Occupations and Education
B.A., M.S. Western Washington University
Carrie Gallagher (2013)
Executive Assistant Human Resources
A.A. Clackamas Community College
B.A. The University of Portland
Michelle Giovannozzi (2012)
Director of Economic Development and Partnerships
B.A. Princeton University
M.S. Seattle Pacific University
Kael Godwin (2007)
Research and Analytics Professional
B.A., M.A. University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Michelle L. Golder (2007)
Special Projects and Activities Manager
B.S. University of Portland
Sarah K. Gruhler (2010)
Director of Student Life
B.A. Western Washington University
M.Ed. Seattle University
Jason Heron (2011)
Software Application Developer
B.S. University North Texas
Nicole Hopkins (2015)
Transitional Studies Coach
A.A. Clark College
Genevieve Howard (2010)
Dean of Workforce, Career, and Technical Education
B.A., M.A. California State University, Bakersfield
Christopher Jacob (2015)
Assistant Athletics Director
B.S. Nova Southeastern University
Miles V. Jackson (1998)
Dean of Social Sciences and Fine Arts
B.S. Portland State University
M.S. University of Washington
Kate Jacky (2015)
Associate Director of Financial Aid
B.A. Washington State University
Megan Jasurda (2015)
Director of Disability Support Services & ADA Compliance Officer
B.A. University of Wisconsin
M.Ed. Portland State University
Kelly Jones (2015)
Veterans Resource Center Manager
B.S. West Texas A&M University
M.P.A. Washington State University
Colman Joyce (2012) 
Interim Associate Director of Enrollment Services & Registrar 
A.A. Portland Community College
B.A. Marylhurst University
M.S. Portland State University
Catherine Keane (2014) 
Associate Director of Career Services 
B.A. Saint Martin’s College
Jennifer Kirby (2012)
Project and Workflow Coordinator
B.A. Saint Martin’s College
Alex Kirk (2014)
Completion Coach
A.A. Columbia Basin College
B.A. University of Portland
M.A. Concordia University
Monica L. Knowles (1998)
Bookstore Manager
A.A. Brooks College
John Maduta (2010)
Associate Director of Advising-Professional/Technical Programs
B.A. Western Washington University
M.S. Warner Pacific College
Korene E. Marquez (2013)
Associate Director of Student Tutoring Services
B.A. University of Oregon
M.A. Portland State University
Kimberly A. Marshel (2008)
Associate Director of Credit Articulation
B.S. Portland State University
W.S.CT. Portland State University
M.S. Portland State University
Maria Masson (2014)
Assistant Director of Human Resources
B.A. University of Washington
B.A. Portland State University
M.A. Lewis and Clark College
Susan Maxwell (2001)
ctcLink Manager
B.A., M.S. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Jeffery Miller (2013)
Environmental Health and Safety Manager
B.S., M.S. Troy University
Cynthia L. Myers (2007)
Director of Nursing
A.D.N. Clark College
B.S.N. Washington State University, Vancouver
Cindi M. Olson (1999)
Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Student Development
Debra Ortiz (2011)
Director of Allied Health
M.S. California State University
Shelley R. Ostermiller (2010)
Associate Director of Advising Services
A.A. Clark College
B.A. Washington State University, Vancouver
M.S. Warner Pacific College
Eriko Otsuka (2012)
Software Application Integrator and Developer
B.S., M.S. Washington State University, Vancouver
Ken J. Pacheco (2004)
Director of Security & Safety
B.A. Providence College
M.S. University of New Haven
Felisciana K. Peralta (2008)
Multicultural Retention Manager
B.A. Central Washington University
M.Ed. Heritage University 
Bonnie Peterson (2014)
Director of Professional & Personal Development
B.S. St. Olaf College
M.B.A. College of St. Thomas
Timothy D. Petta (2013)
Director of Facilities Services
Avis Contractor’s License School
Paul J. Raines (2009)
Custodial Services Manager
Tracy B. Reilly-Kelly (1998) 
Continuing Education Program Manager
B.A. The Evergreen State College
M.S. Portland State University
Julie L. Robertson (2013)
Research and Continuous Improvement Professional
B.S. Lewis & Clark College
M.S., M.S.W. Portland State University
Matthew J. Rygg (2013)
Dean of Student Success and Retention
B.B.A. Pacific Lutheran University
M.Ed. Oregon State University
Ph.D. Bowling Green State University
Mirranda Saari (2013)
Interim Director of Enrollment Services & Registrar
B.S. Central Washington University
M.Ed. Concordia University
Sabra Sand (2014)
Director of Business Services
B.A. Washington State University
Ashley Schumacher (2014)
Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner
B.S.N. Oregon Health Sciences University
M.S.N. University of California
Natalie Shank (2014)
Assistant Director of Student Care and Community Standards
B.A. Seattle Pacific University
M.A. Radford University
Ph.D. George Fox University
Cathy Sherick (2015)
Associate Director of Instructional Programming & Innovation
B.S. Eastern Oregon State
M.A. Portland State University
Michael Shingle (2014)
Educational Planner - College Prep & Transfer
B.S., M.S. Oregon State University
Jody Shulnak (2007)
International Student Recruitment & Outreach Manager
B.S. Northern Arizona University
M.S. Portland State University
Lori Silverman (2014)
Director of Grant Development
B.S. University of Wisconsin
M.S. Portland State University
Suzanne C. Smith (2010)
Student Learning Center Program Manager
A.S. Utah Valley State College
B.A. Washington State University, Vancouver
Toccara Stark (2015)
Director of Marketing
B.A. Macalester College
M.A. University of St. Catherine
Ed.D. University of St. Thomas
Julie F. Taylor (2005)
Administrative Secretary
Adriana J. Thomas (2013)
Health eWorkforce Program Manager
B.A. Seattle Pacific University
M.S. Central Connecticut State University
Tasaday Turner (2015)
Associate Director of Advising - College Preperation and Transfer
A.A.S. Clark College
B.A. Washington State University
M.S. Portland State University
Laurel E. Tygart (2013)
Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Instruction
B.A. Western Oregon University
Jacquelynn Vigeon (2015)
Clinical Placement Manager 
B.A., M.A. The University of New Mexico
Michele Volk (2015)
Director of Services for Children and Families
A.A. Clark College
B.S. Concordia University
Angela "Ann" Walker (2014)
Director of Athletics
B.A. Northwestern College
M.A. University of Iowa
Brenda Walstead (2015)
Interim Dean of Business and Health Sciences
A.A.S. Portland Community College
B.S. Warner Pacific College
M.S. Portland State University
Ed.D. Walden University
Jane C. Walster (2013)
Director of International Programs
A.A. Seattle Central Community College
B.A., M.S.W. University of Washington
Jim Watkins (2003)
Construction Project Manager
B.A. New College
Vanessa Watkins (2015)
Associate Director of Entry Services
B.S. Oregon State University
M.S. Portland State University
Jim Wilkins-Luton (2015)
Interim Dean of Basic Education, English, Communication and Humanities
B.A Whitworth University
M.A. Gonzaga University
Rashida Willard (2015)
Operations Manager, Administrative Services
A.A.O.D., B.B.A Warner Pacific College
Melissa Williams (2015)
Student Success and Retention Manager
A.A. Clark College
B.A. University of Washington
M.A. Washington State University
Peter G. Williams (2011)
Dean of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
B.A. University of Vermont
M.S. Washington State University
Ph.D. Oregon State University
Sue A. Williams (1996)
Director of Human Resources
A.A.S. Clark College
B.A. Washington State University, Vancouver
Patrick Willis (2014)
Career Advisor
B.A., M.A. George Fox University
Monica Wilson (2014)
Transitional Studies Administrative Manager
B.S. Political Science, Portland State University
B.S. Liberal Studies, Portland State University
Nancy Young (2014)
International Educational Planner
B.A. Hendrix College
M.A. Rutgers University
M.A. University of the Pacific