Section E: College Information

College Assessment

Clark College is committed to guiding individiuals to achieve their educational and professional goals. To carry out that commitment, the college continuously assesses student learning by gathering information about the effectiveness of its programs and services, and the achievements and perspectives of its alumni. This information is used to monitor the effectiveness of educational programs as well as student and academic services.

Each Clark College student is expected to participate in the college’s assessment efforts. Programs and services use various means to gather assessment information including portfolios, performances, achievement tests, comprehensive examinations, surveys, interviews, focus groups, evaluation forms, and other methods. Occasionally, Clark College faculty and staff may present information about their assessment projects at professional conferences or in publications, for the purpose of contributing to professional knowledge in the field of education. Aggregate assessment data may be used in these presentations, such as aggregate results from quizzes, surveys, etc. Students' consent must be obtained prior to presenting individual-level data.