Section A: Enrollment, Aid and College Life



The mission statement for Clark College advising is:

By providing accurate, timely, and consistent information, Advising personnel, in collaboration with faculty, will guide, support, and help students develop lifelong learning skills; assist students as they plan and achieve their educational and career goals; and work with students to establish a lasting relationship with Clark College. As a result of working with advising personnel, students will:

• Develop an understanding of their own educational pathway so that remaining classes and timeliness of completion are clear and accurate.
• Develop an educational plan that addresses academic, career, and life goals.
• Develop an awareness of their own personal responsibility within the advising process.
• Develop skills to successfully navigate and use campus services and tools.

To ensure the communication of accurate program information to all Clark students, advising is required for all new degree and certificate students to Clark and at certain checkpoints during the degree or certificate progress. The advising system at Clark College is an educational process that assists students as they pursue educational, career, and life goals. It is expected that students will build relationships with advisors during their time at Clark College and, over the course of their degree or certificate, will attain the objectives listed above.