Drama (Area of Study)
The Clark College Drama program provides a rich cultural focus for the campus and surrounding community, blending theatre, music, dance, and art into entertaining and award-winning productions. The co-curricular program combines traditional classroom training with the opportunity for students to apply and test both performance and technical skills in staged productions before a paying audience.

A comprehensive curriculum teaches acting principles and techniques for both theatre and television, including scene study, characterization, and period styles of acting. Camera operations and directing skills are also studied.

The Children's Theatre classes focus on performance styles for young audiences, touring scenery techniques, and performance tour management.

Basic stagecraft design and construction, stage lighting and makeup courses provide behind-the-scenes knowledge to enhance acting performance and also skills for a career in the production side of the film and theatre industry. Students planning a career in acting or other phases of theatrical production can acquire foundation skills and experience in multiple settings while completing degree requirements. Theatre courses and performances also serve as excellent training for those planning careers in teaching or other fields that require public presentations.

Because course requirements vary at each institution, students interested in pursuing a four-year degree in Drama should work with advisors at Clark and their transfer institution to develop a course of study.

Drama courses typically transfer to four-year institutions. However, students should contact their transfer institution to clarify each course's transferability.