English (Area of Study)
The Clark College English department offers a myriad of courses ranging from composition to studies of Shakespeare.

The fundamental courses offered by Clark's English department are designed to teach students to use the library, conduct research, comprehend material, analyze information, evaluate ideas, develop and organize their own ideas, use correct word choice and grammar, proofread and edit, and improve both their verbal and their written communication.

A four-year degree in English can serve as the foundation for a career in writing, law, business, or education. Many students pursuing a career in secondary education have earned their Associate in Arts transfer degree in English at Clark and continued their coursework at WSU Vancouver, earning their Bachelor of Arts in English and a secondary education certificate, or a master's degree in teaching.

Exceptional English students can earn credit and gain valuable teaching experience working as English tutors. The College's Tutoring/Writing Center provides free assistance to students, aiding them in becoming more effective and evaluative writers.

Because course requirements vary at each institution, students interested in pursuing a four-year degree in English should work with advisors at Clark and their transfer institution to develop a course of study.

English department courses typically transfer to four-year institutions. However, students should contact their transfer institution to clarify each course's transferability.