Journalism (Area of Study)
Journalism offers more opportunities to meet interesting people than just about any other career. At the same time, journalism provides experiences that can be useful in many other fields: technical writing, law, politics, publishing, and public relations.

Students interested in pursuing a career in journalism should take Clark's basic sequence of news writing and editing courses and should work on the student newspaper, The Independent.

Several paid positions are available each year for student editors; expertise in computer graphics is desirable.

In addition to Clark's journalism courses, students should take a variety of courses that offer a broad general education and prepare them to transfer to a four-year school offering a degree in journalism or a related field. CMST& 102 offers a foundation for understanding how the media function in our society and is highly recommended. ENGL& 101, 102 and ENGL 103 will improve the ability to write clearly and do documented research accurately. Courses in the social sciences (particularly political science), history, literature, and science will provide a background for accurate reporting and the interpretation of data.

Students should make every effort to develop relevant computer skills while at the community college. These skills include word processing, electronic publishing, computer graphics, and the Internet.

Because course requirements vary at each institution, students interested in pursuing a four-year degree in Journalism should work with advisors at Clark and their transfer institution to develop a course of study.
Journalism courses typically transfer to four-year institutions. However, students should contact their transfer institution to clarify each course's transferability.