Music (Area of Study)
The Music program at Clark College offers a two-year college experience of music theory, instrumental and vocal performance training, music appreciation, and music history classes. Classes are designed to prepare the music major for advanced studies at a four-year institution while providing the non-major with the skills and background to fully enjoy music as a cultural pursuit.

Career opportunities for those with musical interests and talent are available in a number of areas: music education, music marketing, theory and history, composition, and vocal or instrumental performance. Students with professional goals should consult with a faculty advisor to plan a program leading to an Associate in Arts degree.

Musical Opportunities

Instrumentalists and vocal musicians have the opportunity to fine tune their talents while developing a professional stage presence by performing in their choice of quality college groups:

Symphonic Band
Jazz Band
Women's Choir

Concert Choir
Brass & Wind Ensembles
Vocal Jazz Ensemble
Pep Band

Performing groups present concerts each quarter, at various locations on and off campus, often with musical groups from other schools or from the community. Performing ensembles have toured in Canada, Mexico, Japan, Korea, China, and Hawaii.

Each January, Clark music students also experience first-hand the many activities involved in producing a major musical event as the college hosts the annual Clark College Jazz Festival. More than 80 high school bands and vocal jazz choirs from throughout the Northwest and Canada come to the campus to compete in this nationally recognized event. Clark jazz musicians perform during the three-day event, and all participants have the opportunity to interact with the professional musicians and educators who come to Vancouver as guest performers and adjudicators for the festival.