Extraordinary Education • Excellent Services • Engaged Learners • Enriched Community

Clark College provides opportunities for diverse learners to achieve their educational and professional goals, thereby enriching the social, cultural, and economic environment of our region and the global community.

Core Themes
Focus on Learning
The College will focus on learning as the foundation for decision making with respect to planning, technology, location, instructional methods and successful outcomes. Learners will receive high-quality, innovative education and services that foster student success in achievement of their goals.

  • Identify, offer, and support teaching and learning strategies that enhance student success.
  • Increase the retention and progression of all students, with emphasis on first generation students.
  • Refine and implement continuous improvement planning consistent with the “learning college” model.
  • Provide all employees with opportunities for professional development.

Expand Access
The college will offer programs and services that are affordable and accessible to students of the community.  Students will be provided flexible options for learning in locations that are accessible and resources that help make their education affordable.

  • Provide appropriate support services and reduce procedural barriers to help students enroll in college.
  • Expand options to increase the overall affordability of education.
  • Expand online services across the college.
  • Expand learning options by offering courses and services in various modalities, timeframes, and locations.

Foster a Diverse College Community
The college will provide programs and services to support the needs of diverse populations.

  • Recruit, retain, and support a diverse student population and college workforce.
  • Provide comprehensive training and educational resources to help all members of the college community interact effectively in a diverse world.

Respond to Workforce Needs
The college will provide educational services that facilitate the gainful and meaningful employment for students seeking training, retraining or continuing education.  College programs and services will meet the economic needs of the community.

  • Identify and support high-demand workforce needs.
  • Identify and support emerging workforce needs, including technology training and green industry skills.
  • Establish, maintain, and expand partnerships that support workforce needs.

Enhance College Systems
The College will continually assess, evaluate, and improve college systems to facilitate student learning.

  • Improve college infrastructure to support all functions of the college.
  • Develop and implement an effective advising system to enhance student success.
  • Seek alternate resources, such as grants, philanthropy, and partnerships to fulfill the college mission.
  • Refine, communicate, and implement a shared governance system.
  • Integrate environmental sustainability practices into all college systems.

Disability Support Services
Clark College and the Disability Support Services (DSS) staff assist those with disabilities in pursuing their educational goals. The DSS staff is committed to assuring Clark College, its services, programs, and activities are accessible to individuals with disabilities. The institution takes seriously its responsibility to follow both the spirit and letter of all pertinent federal and state mandates.
If you are in need of accommodation due to a disability during any of the entry processes to Clark College or for your classes, contact DSS for assistance. Early contact with DSS personnel is essential.
360-991-0901 VP