Veterans Resources

At Clark College, we are dedicated to providing a variety of quality resources to help our veteran students succeed both in the classroom and upon graduation.  To help veteran students make a successful transition into the civilian workforce, Career Services has assembled this list of resources specifically tailored to help veterans search for and acquire a job in the civilian realm.  Many of these resources also provide tips and assistance to military spouses and partners.

For more information about veteran specific resources and how Clark College can help veteran students succeed, contact or visit the Veteran Resource Center.

Tips Sheets for Veterans

Career Resources for Veterans

Choosing to make the transition from a military career to a civilian one can present a variety of unique challenges when a veteran begins the job search.  These websites provided numerous resources for the transitioning veteran, such as interview tips, job search advice, job listings, and more.

Job Search Websites for Veterans

In addition to the Career Services list of job search resources and websites, many additional job boards are available specifically for veterans. Here is a sampling of some of the job boards that exist to help veterans find a job:

Transferrable Skills

Your military tour is over and you're about to enter or return to the civilian workforce. How do you transition from wings and 0900 hours to wingtips and 5:00 p.m. occupations? Answer:  focus on your transferable skills.   Check out our tip sheet to help you translate your military experience.

Local Career Resources for Veterans

A variety of organizations and agency in Washington and Oregon offer employment services and resources for veterans.

In addition to all of these online resources, the Career Services library has a variety of books related to career development and the job search, with some providing information specifically for the military-to-civilian transition.  Stop by the office today and ask a staff member to locate some of these resources for you!

Volunteer Opportunities

Are you looking to add additional skills and experiences to your resume? Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, develop and refine skills, and give back to the community.  Here are a few of the websites available to help you find opportunities in the Vancouver area and beyond:

Co-op/Internship Program

An additional way to gain new professional skills is by completing a Co-op or Internship while attending Clark College.  Co-ops/internships may be paid or non-paid positions with for-profit or non-profit organizations that have the opportunity to be completed for academic credit.  To learn more about these experiences, stop by or call Career Services to make an appointment with Carolyn Johnson, the Co-op/Internship Coordinator. Carolyn can be reached at (360) 992-2902 or