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Get started on a new career

The students represent everybody. They're Running Start students. They're young momsstudents right out of high school, full- and part-time employees, retired people. It includes people from many different backgrounds. That’s what a community college is.

Dr. Kathy Chatfield
Clark College eLearning Department

Online Degrees

Get a high-quality education on a schedule that fits the rest of your life.

Work obligations. Family obligations. How do you fit a college degree around all your commitments? Clark College's online degree programs may be the solution for you. Our online educational programs offer scheduling flexibility and convenience for today's busy life styles. The courses maintain the same quality and outcomes as traditional on-campus classes and require the same time commitment to the coursework--but don't require you to attend class in-person at set times, so you can do the work at the hour that's right for you. 

Clark College offers a wide range of online degree pathways. Some get you ready for careers in as little as two years, while others prepare you to transfer to a four-year institution to continue your education. You can opt for fully online programs, or "mix and match" with a combination of in-person and online instruction. Find the path that works for you, and reach your goals sooner than you'd imagined!