Clark Conversation Cafes ~Learning Environment at Clark

Cafe Duex Participants' Comments:

Here is what your peers and students have said about the learning evironment at Clark:

“When I meet people in class, there's a sence of community, and I learn better.”

“If you tell me, I will forget.  Write it down, I may remember. 

Involve me, and it becomes a part of me!”

"When the teacher is excited to teach,

we are excited to learn.”

"The flow of information between teacher

and student needs to go both ways."

"I don't learn with lectures."

“I want to be able to apply these things to my life

– that’s what college is supposed to be about!”

"Class size matters alot"

"Break the subjects down into more

managable peices helps me to learn."

"I want to put the theory to practice after a lecture,

and all the teacher wants is to do is lecture on.


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