Educational Materials on Audiotape Policy

Disability Support Services (DSS) will coordinate the access to educational materials on audiotape for students with a documented disability who have been approved for this academic adjustment by the DSS Manager. The following identifies the responsibilities of the student and DSS if the student chooses to utilize educational materials on audiotape.

  1. Student should give DSS a minimum of six weeks notice to arrange for educational materials on audiotape.
  2. Student should utilize Priority Registration.
  3. Student must purchase any textbook or educational materials that are to be recorded in the DSS Office.
  4. Student will pick up audiotapes from the DSS Office in a timely manner. If audiotapes are not picked up in a timely manner, services may be suspended until the student meets with the DSS Manager.
  5. Student will return all audiotapes recorded by DSS to the DSS Office immediately upon the completion of the quarter. If the audiotapes are not returned and other arrangements have not been approved, a hold will be placed on his or her records.
  6. Student is responsible for all audiotapes borrowed from outside agencies, to include returning the tapes following the agency's policies and procedures.
  7. Student must promise not to duplicate or lend audiotapes to other individuals.
  1. DSS will send a letter to the student outlining the student's approved academic adjustments.
  2. DSS will make every effort to provide the student with all requested educational materials on audiotape in a timely manner. In the event notice is not given in a timely manner, DSS will attempt to provide the student with the requested educational materials on audiotape on an as needed basis.
  3. DSS will arrange for educational materials on audiotape to be provided by outside agencies when available.
  4. DSS will inform the student when audiotapes being recorded by DSS are ready to be picked up.

The above responsibilities have been explained to me, and I understand my responsibilities.

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