Academic Adjustments and Auxiliary Aids Request Procedure

Academic adjustments and auxiliary aids may be provided to an otherwise qualified student, if without reasonable adjustments or aids the student would not be provided equal access, and the academic adjustment or auxiliary aid does not alter an essential requirement. Documentation from an appropriate professional may be required. The need for academic adjustment or auxiliary aids is determined on an individual basis and is not categorically given based on a specific disability type or label. Each student's disability, functional limitations, and needs will be taken into account while developing an appropriate accommodation plan. Some examples of academic adjustments or auxiliary aids are sign language interpreters, extended time for tests, a reader, or a scribe.

Students are protected by strong privacy and confidentiality policies. Thus, no academic adjustments or auxiliary aids will be arranged or requested by the Disability Support Services (DSS) Office unless the student

1) requests the adjustment or aid and

2) provides the necessary verifying documentation.

Academic adjustments and auxiliary aid planning activity can begin only after the student has provided 1 and 2 above, and the Disability Support Services Office has had reasonable time to evaluate the request and documentation.

The following steps should be taken to request academic adjustments and/or auxiliary aids.

  1. Schedule an initial inquiry appointment with the DSS Manager. This is an optional meeting, but it is strongly recommended. This meeting will provide the DSS Manager with information about the studentís strengths, weaknesses, disability, and requests. It will also give the student the opportunity to ask questions about disability support services and college procedures.
  2. Provide the DSS Manager with appropriate documentation of the disability. (Guidelines for documentation content are available in the DSS Office or at; under Campus Services, Disability Support Services.)
  3. The DSS Manager will review documentation on a first-come-first-reviewed basis. Students requesting adjustments and/or aids for the current quarter will be given preference over students requesting adjustments and.or aids for future quarters. Documentation review can take up to 8 weeks.
  4. Upon completion of the documentation review, the DSS Manager will send a
    letter to the student stating the documentation review outcome and next steps.

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