"Terra Linear: the Ceramic Line". Nine regional ceramic artists each show a body of work with strong linear elements. Linear elements may constitute the main body of a piece, applied decoration, or a particularly refined sense of edge between interior space and exterior surface. Through innovative approaches to surface treatment, structure, and a freedom with materials, these contemporary artists all take full advantage of the plastic lyricism and material delight available through ceramic process


Terra Linear: The Ceramic Line


Ann Christenson

Anne E. Hirondelle

Brian R. Jones

Ryan LaBar

Brad Mildrexler

Alwyn O'Brien

Jill Oberman

Sylwia Tur

Lilly Zuckerman

Exhibition: Jan. 16th - Feb. 10th, 2013

Reception: Jan. 16th, 6 - 7

Ann Christenson lecture: PUB 161, Jan. 16, 7 - 8

Gallery Hours: Tues.- Thurs. 10 am to 7 pm,

Fri. and Sat. noon to 5 pm