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Learning to Lead

Clark College presents a “Legacy of Leadership” workshop as part of the region’s new Center for Leadership Excellence

Vancouver City Councilman Larry J. Smith speaks to high school students about the life of General Marshall.

Vancouver City Councilman Larry J. Smith speaks to high school students about the life of General Marshall.


A superb general who was also a man of peace. A name that defines leadership and integrity around the world. 

Clark College highlighted the career of General George C. Marshall during a daylong “Legacy of Leadership” workshop on Wednesday, July 14 at the Marshall House on Officers Row. The workshop, which was designed for students ages 12-19, is the latest offering from Clark College’s Center for Leadership Excellence, a community leadership project led by Clark College and the Fort Vancouver Historic Trust and the Youth House.

Speakers included Vancouver Mayor Pro Tem Larry Smith, Fort Vancouver National Trust President & CEO Elson Strahan and Clark College President Robert K. Knight. The Youth House’s Elizabeth Hill and Ryan Belisle provided instruction to the approximately 20 local high school students who attended.

Todd Oldham, Executive Director of Corporate and Continuing Education at Clark College, said, “Leadership is undeniably one of the most important qualities a person must have in order to be successful in the professional world. This workshop gave students the opportunity to identify with George C. Marshall as they examined his life and career as a historic example of leadership excellence.”

After the session, Oldham said he was pleased with the event, which featured interactive presentations, discussions, and learning exercises. Students also focused on five of General Marshall's effective leadership qualities: candor, selflessness, commitment, integrity and courage.

General Marshall served as commander of the Vancouver Barracks from 1936-1938. He was Army Chief of Staff during World War II. His Marshall Plan for global economic recovery following World War II has been described by historians as “an enduring model of compassion, vision and statesmanship.”

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