Clark College First Year Experience (FYE)

FYE reason 1: Because you want college to be awesome.

Resources to support students in their first year

Welcome to First Year Experience (FYE), a course and learning communities specially designed to help students who are new to Clark successfully navigate their first year of college.

We know college can be a challenging transition, requiring students to master new skills–study habits, accessing student services, managing course loads and financial aid, and trying to find a sense of community in a new environment. Clark established FYE to help ease that transition. Whether it's taking an introductory class that helps you learn how to succeed at Clark, enrolling in a first-quarter learning community, or finding friends who are going through similar experiences; FYE has many opportunities for you to find the support you need to make the most of your college experience.

For further information about First Year Experience, contact Janette Clay at 360-992-2618, or in the T Building, TBG 201.