I-BEST - Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training

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What is I-BEST?

I-BEST is Integrated Basic Education & Skills Training.

In the I-BEST program, you will have the benefit of two to three instructors who combine coursework in a small class size of 20-25 students. You will enroll in credit-bearing college classes (e.g. English, Sociology, Intro to Early Childhood Education, Welding) and in the I-BEST seminar class, which will strengthen your academic skills. You will learn together and have the benefit of study groups, friendships and a vested interest in each other's success.

You could be in the I-BEST program from one to three quarters depending on your field of study and pace. During that time, you will complete credits toward your certificate or degree. The program is designed to help you progress faster on your career or educational pathway. 

I-BEST is intended for students who:

I-BEST Programs at Clark College:

Academic I-BEST (offered fall, winter & spring quarters)

In three quarters or less, you will complete college level courses, while receiving additional support in building academic study skills to work toward an AA, AAS Transfer, or Vocational degree. More about Academic I-BEST...

ECE Initial Certificate of Achievement

The 16 credit I-BEST ECE option will prepare a student to work in a childcare or educational setting. Upon completion, students will earn the Washington State Initial Certificate of Achievement which also leads to other certificates, Associate of Applied Science in ECE, a Transfer Degree, and many other certificate options. More about the ECE Initial Certificate of Achievement...



For more information about I-BEST, and to schedule an appointment, contact:

Nicole Hopkins

Transitional Studies Coach



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