How does the program work?

The Weekend Degree Program is designed for a selected group of 25 learners. This means you will attend classes with the predominantly same group of students for the entire program. The degree program follows a specific course of study over a two-year period that leads to an Associate of Arts degree. Classes meet fall, winter, spring and summer quarters for two consecutive years (8 quarters/24 months).

The program will be taught in a hybrid format. The majority of the quarter will be spent in an online learning environment. However, students will meet three different times during the quarter in a traditional classroom setting. These classes will be held on the Clark College campus, Friday night and all day Saturday.

What if I don't qualify for college level math?
We can still accept you into the program as long as your are currently enrolled in MATH 089/090 or higher.  Please be aware that it will be your responsibility to take the appropriate math classes to get college level ready and the program may take longer than 2 years. In a tiebreaker situation, priority acceptance will be given to those with college-level Math eligibility.

Do I need a computer?
Much of the coursework for the Weekend Degree Program is completed in an online environment. As such, you will need to have access to a computer. Technical requirements for online courses can be found on the web at\elearning.

To be most successful in this program, it is recommended you have the following: If you need to purchase a computer you have the option to make your purchase through the Clark College Bookstore.  However, you are not required to purchase your computer through Clark College to participate in the Weekend Degree Program.

How and when do I know if I am selected?

Once we have received all of your application materials you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt.  You can expect to receive a letter of acceptance to the program by May 25th. If you have questions about your selection status, please contact the eLearning Department at (360) 992-2654.

What if I have transfer credits or have already taken classes at Clark?
You do not have to repeat requirements you have already fulfilled. If you don't need a specific class that is being offered during one of the terms you are welcome to take one of your elective requirements or take less classes. You only take the classes in the program that you need.

Financial Aid
Please contact the Financial Aid office to determine your eligibility and to apply for financial aid. Ask about grants, scholarships, loans, and student employment opportunities.