Clark College Executive Cabinet

William Belden (2010)
Vice President of Student Affairs  
B.A. Eastern Washington University
M.Ed. Western Washington University
Leigh A. Kent (2007)
Executive Assistant to the President
A.A., A.S. Holyoke Community College
Tim S. Cook (1997)
Vice President of Instruction
B.S. Western Oregon State College
M.A. Lewis and Clark College
Ed.D. Oregon State University
Robert K. Knight (2004)
B.S. United States Military Academy
E.M.B.A. Golden Gate University
Shanda L. Diehl (2008)
Associate Vice President of Planning and Effectiveness
B.A. Eastern Washington University
M.P.H. University of Washington
Robert D. Williamson (2009)
Vice President of Administrative Services
A.A. Ft. Steilacoom Community College
B.A., M.A. Western Washington University
Lisa Gibert, CPA,CFRE (2003)
President/CEO, Clark College Foundation
B.S. University of Oregon
M.B.A. University of California, Irvine
Kevin Witte (2011)
Vice President of Economic and Community Development
B.S. University of Washington
M.B.A. University of Michigan
Chato Hazelbaker (2013)
Chief Information and Communications Officer
B.A. Rocky Mountain College
M.A. Crown College
Ed.D. University of St. Thomas (MN)
Kelly M Woodward (2016)
Vice President of Human Resources & Compliance
B.A. University of South Carolina

J.D. Seattle University Law School