Exceptional Classified Staff Awards (2011-2012)

Mike Silva, Information Technology Services

Exceptional Classified Staff honoree Mike SilvaInformation Technology Specialist and Lab Manager Mike Silva has worked at Clark College for more than eight years, providing technical support for computer users across the college. Currently, he manages the college’s open labs, supervising approximately 50 part-time student lab assistants.

He also sits on the Tech Fee and Information Technology committees, and was a hard-working member of the college’s recent accreditation efforts, as well as of the committee that brought smart classrooms to Clark. Silva also serves as a mentor to students and provides technical support at events like Commencement, retirement parties, and student activities.

“At times, the college gets rather busy with evening and weekend events, and our media staff aren’t able to cover them all,” said a nominator. “Mike never hesitates to stay late or come in on weekends to provide backup support. Due to his overtime-exempt status, Mike isn’t paid for this extra time, but does it out of his sincere dedication to, and in support of, the college.”

Silva was instrumental in setting up the computer lab help desk, which can field more than 50 calls from students a day. He also developed a print-management program at the college called PaperCut, which aims to eliminate wasteful printing at Clark’s computer labs.

Silva said, “In my life, I have been fortunate enough to work for some great institutions, Clark College being one of them.  Winning this award only strengthens my desire to continue to serve the students, faculty and administration of this college.”

Wei Zhuang, Communications and Marketing

Exceptional Classified Staff honoree Wei ZhuangSenior Graphic Designer Wei Zhuang joined Clark College in 2005, coming from a previous post at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. He has created logos and uniform looks for such events and programs as the Clark College Jazz Festival and the K-Rod Run/Walk.

One person who has worked with Zhuang wrote in his nomination, “Wei Zhuang has always represented the highest level of professionalism, collegial courtesy, and customer service that should be a prerequisite of any classified staff position at Clark College. No matter how demanding the request, Wei is always accommodating.…His artwork not only embodies the professionalism we try to represent as instructors of higher education, but also represents the Clark College community to thousands of people whose only experience with Clark may be seeing his work.”

Zhuang has won two national awards from the University and College Designers Association as well as regional and national awards from the National Council for Marketing & Public Relations.

Zhuang said, “It's a great honor to be even nominated, let alone be one of the winners. I'm completely humbled by this award and can only express my sincere gratitude.”